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Rate Limits and Quotas

To maintain a stable and reliable API service for all users, we have implemented rate limits and quotas. These mechanisms help regulate the number of requests you can make to our API within specific time frames. Familiarizing yourself with these limits will ensure smooth and uninterrupted usage of our services.

Rate Limits

Rate limits define the maximum number of requests a user can make to our API within a particular time window. These limits are set to prevent abuse, ensure fair usage, and maintain the overall performance of the API.

Endpoint-specific Rate Limits

Each API endpoint may have its own specific rate limit, depending on the endpoint's complexity and resource consumption. Refer to the documentation for each endpoint to find the corresponding rate limit.

Rate Limit Headers

When you make a request to our API, the rate limit information is included in the response headers. Pay attention to the following headers:

  • X-RateLimit-Limit: Indicates the maximum number of requests allowed within the current time window.
  • X-RateLimit-Remaining: Displays the number of remaining requests you can make within the current time window.

Handling Rate Limit Exceedances

If you exceed the rate limit for a specific endpoint, our API will respond with a "429 Too Many Requests" error. When this happens, you should wait until the rate limit counter resets before making additional requests.


Quotas define the maximum number of requests a user can make to our API over a more extended period, usually a month. Quotas help manage long-term usage and prevent excessive utilization.

Endpoint-specific Quotas

Similar to rate limits, individual API endpoints may have their own specific quotas. Check the documentation for each endpoint to determine the associated quota.

Monitoring Quota Usage

As you make requests to our API, we track your quota usage in the backend. You can monitor your quota consumption through the API dashboard or by checking specific headers in the API responses.

Quota Exceeded

When you reach your endpoint-specific quota, any additional requests to that endpoint will result in a "403 Forbidden" error until the new quota period begins.